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With trenches full of poets

This is your paradise
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This community is for The Clash. Stumbled upon us and don't know what The Clash is? Then go here. Anything Clash related is allowed in this community, but graphics are encouraged to be a part of an entry.

Rules are as follows:

1) Nothing obscene.
2) You must give credit for all the graphics unless the artist states that it is unneccesary. Don't know how? It's NOT an excuse, because I'm going to tell you how. When you put the icon in your user pictures, type the lj username of the creator in the keywords box. Simple as that. If you don't do it, I'll find out. I'll give you a warning and you will have 1 week to give credit where it is due. If you don't do it, I'll kick you out.
3) If you have more than 4 icons they must be put under a cut. If you have an insanely large picture it must be put under a cut.
4) Being rude is not allowed. Be NICE! I will find out if you act stupid and I will kick you out.
5) No promotions allowed unless it is for a Clash community or product. Even if it is Clash related I reserve the right to delete it if it is distasteful to an unreasonable degree. We don't want it.
6) If it's not Clash related, it gets deleted. If it happens more than once I reserve the right to kick you out.
7) Have fun and let your creative genius flourish!

I am your mod rainy_may I used to be soliaceleste, but I wanted a name change. Please report any rule violations to me in an email to soliaceleste@yahoo.com If there's anything else you need or would like me to know in regards to this community, please feel free to email me at the same address.