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With trenches full of poets

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6/5/05 04:47 am - eskimo_icons - 26 Icons

26 Icons

+Credit (eskimo_icons or onewordsentence)
+Feedback and constructive criticism are always nice
+No hotlinking/customising, please and thanksawfully

Teasers: Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

+23Collapse )

5/19/05 02:29 pm - soliaceleste

24 LJ icons, 2 AIM size icons.

Check 'em out; something might tickle your fancy.  Please comment and credit if you take any.

Teasers: 1)   2)   It's the best years of your life they want to stealCollapse )

4/10/05 09:36 pm - soliaceleste

I made a paul colorbar. Comment if you take, please.

Paul is sex. I mean love! Paul is love.

4/9/05 08:34 pm - nemova

Icons in bulk.


The panorama of the city is wrongCollapse )

3/30/05 10:32 pm - soliaceleste

27 icons/bases, 1 AIM icon. If you want any, please comment and credit.

lend me your star for a turnCollapse )

3/26/05 05:06 pm - singmichaelsing

the rebels were waltzing on air.... ( many icons and f/o banners, backgrounds etc...)Collapse )

3/26/05 09:53 am - soliaceleste

Always tease tease teaseCollapse )

3/25/05 12:06 am - nemova - My first post

Some icons I made ages agoCollapse )

3/17/05 09:26 pm - soliaceleste

To start the community off, I'll post some icons I've made.  Some of them are pretty standard, but take a looksee and tell me what you think.

Icons under the cutCollapse )

3/17/05 08:42 pm - soliaceleste

I've set up the journal for the most part, now I just need members!
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